Ms Mr – Head is Not My Home   Leave a comment

[Verse 1:]
This space is not my home
This head you drowning is not my home
Made it out and cut it out
Take things slow as we may bruise
To reach our unpredictable pass
Your heart, your heart understand mine
Found in forbidden nights
Sharpest loud and place is quiet
Know the promises we make
Guard now and never again

My mouth your lips
Your hands my hips
Hard time right now
Will set free
And relieves us
Of our misery

[Verse 2:]
Secrets lie in our way
Your kiss tastes better outside the light of day
Know you’re sure to scratch your back
Break my knuckles feel them crack
I reveal nothing, both played fate
Pretend not to worry our hearts your hearts
That sting


Hard to believe
You could cause me harm
This could cause me harm
Hard to believe
You could cause me harm
This could cause me harm

[Hook x2]


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